I heart Ikea

I heart Ikea

Yep. I really do love Ikea.

Not just for their generic yet fun-to-assemble furniture. Or even for their $4.95 non-stick frying pans (SUCH GOOD VALUE). I love Ikea for their 50c soft serve cones.

I can never visit Ikea without buying an ice cream from their ultra fancy machines. I’m most likely just a kid at heart but it is just too much fun to pass up a chance to slot in a token and watch it swirl out a perfectly formed ice cream cone. I always make it a point to visit the machine before entering the store as a reward for meandering through that crazy maze of Swedish furniture. I couldn’t resist making a gif.

What do you like about Ikea?

ikea ice cream

PS I am super behind on my blog reading! I hope to get on top of things this week. Hopefully.

PPS I hope everybody had an amazing long weekend! Xx


11 thoughts on “I heart Ikea

  1. I love IKEA for their ‘I don’t know what meat this is but god damn it’s tasty’ hot dogs with a bun that’s one third the length of the sausage.

    1. I’ll admit I’ve not actually tried one of their hot dogs! I always see little kiddies running around with them though. They seem to have a lot of food for great value.

  2. I adore soft serve ice cream machines! Especially with a flake and rolled in pink sherbet… mmm my tastebuds are a tingling now! Haha..

    Wish we had an IKEA here!!

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