My non-existent green thumb

My non-existent green thumb

I like to think I can take care of plants. But I probably really don’t take care of them well at all.

My first foray into plants started with a cute little succulent arrangement. I assembled it with a lot of thought and care and took it into work. This was years ago. I don’t know if I watered it too much or didn’t give it enough sun, but it withered away (very slowly) over a period of a year or two until it was no more. This pretty blue square pot now holds Baz the basil plant (as named by the boy).

Succulent pot plant

I saw a clever tutorial on upcycling corks into little fridge magnet planters that hold succulents. I couldn’t resist. I had some old corks laying around, dug holes in it, filled it with soil and popped in some succulents. Let’s see how long they last.

Cork succulents

One thing I’ll probably avoid are these horrid cacti. Really. I see some serious copyright infringements going on here. I don’t know if anything could be tackier.


I’m curious, what sorts of plants do you take care of?


5 thoughts on “My non-existent green thumb

  1. I’m terrible with plants too. I can’t even work out orchids grow indoors and apparently they are easy to look after. Outside we have some native plants in pots and they seem to do well as they don’t require much looking after.

    1. Yeah same thing happened to me with my orchid. It never flowered again. I think I might stick to plants that don’t need much watering. I bought a fern. Hopefully that’ll last a little longer.

  2. People laugh at me for being able to kill a cactus, but I maintain that succulents are difficult to keep alive! It’s so easy to over-water them, and then because it’s not every day you end up under watering =S

    I haven’t had much luck with plants, but our new home came with some garden beds and some pots of herbs – I’m hoping since they’re already well established, they’ll have a better chance of survival! I’ve also started growing basil from seeds in a sunny spot indoors – not sure that will cut it, but I have my fingers crossed because I do love basil!

    1. I definitely agree – the first succulent I had (in the photos above) died progressively at work. I think I did end up over watering them. At one stage the soil was so damp they grew mushrooms :S:S

      Herbs are lovely. I haven’t tended to mine in a while though. Basil, thyme and rosemary are by far the easiest. They flourish quite easily if you give them fertiliser now and again and water each week. Good luck!! :)

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