Fog and lights

Fog and lights

Happy hump day!

If you’re a Sydney-sider like me you’d know all too well about the creepy fog that has been blanketing the city for the past two mornings. It was a little chaotic on the train this morning, nothing too bad. But it meant getting to work ten minutes later than I normally do. I can’t complain. Isn’t as bad as catching a ferry I suppose.

foggy morning

I’m loving Sydney at the moment. VIVID Sydney is in full swing and I’m dying to go (it is on until June 10). I’ve seen glimpses of it on the way home – the amazing water show in Darling Harbour and the Wizard of Oz-esque trees on the walk over the Pyrmont Bridge. I’m planning on dedicating a night to wandering around The Rocks and the MCA area to have a proper look.


In the meantime, I hope everyone is keeping warm! I’ve been doing the walk to work every morning with the scarf and gloves.


13 thoughts on “Fog and lights

  1. That photo of the fog and the ferry looks amazing!

    Haha, I was stupid enough to not bring a jacket and thought my cardigan would be enough. It was not. T.T And now I think I am coming down with a cold!

    1. Aw thanks lovely! Xx

      I was like that too, now I’m the crazy one with the trench + scarf + gloves + hat walking to work. Haha at least I guess I can dump it all at work when it gets crazy warm during the day.

    1. It pretty much looked like a scene out of a movie! I don’t want to wait and see how cold June will get.

      I’m planning a few visits to Vivid this week. There is just so much this year!

  2. I look so cray-cray going to uni in a heavy long woollen coat most mornings but that’s because I have to leave the house before 9 and it’s usually still so cold at that time, especially on the train!! The stupid fog is making it seem cold but come midday it’s warm and I’m stuck lugging around this coat! Argh! >.<

    Also keen to go see Vivid soon. I've heard it's not as good as last year though.

    1. Ahahaha YES that’s me ALWAYS. I’m feel the same walking down the street in my hat, gloves, scarf and long coat. Oops. At least I get to leave it in the office I suppose!

      And it seems like there are SO many more bits and pieces to Vivid this year. I don’t know where to look!

  3. Wow, it looks pretty chilly over there! It’s definitely feeling more like winter over Perth way as well, though thankfully no fog. It does make for some lovely photos though.

    1. Ohh another lucky girl! Yeah I’m the crazy girl with the hat and gloves and scarf and hat walking to work most mornings. Haha! I hope it doesn’t get too much colder otherwise I don’t know what to do in terms of layering. :S

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