Five things

Five things

Another crazy week where I don’t remember a single thing about what just went down. Seriously. I’m glad I take ten jillion photos otherwise I’d forget it all. I’ve been so crazy busy with goodness knows what, but I really had the urge to drop everything and blog tonight. I must do the nails again though. It really annoys me when one peels or chips. Here’s a short summary of this week in five short n’ sweet pics.

ONE. I discovered Cabrito coffee roasters the other day while having lunch at La Lupita. Besides my excitement of having them open in the city (yay new lunch spot!) I quite like the coffee beans they use here. Plus how can you say no to these cute little stamps on the cups! That said, I just Googled ‘cabrito’ and I think it means goat meat. :S:S

cabrito coffee

TWO. H and I took a trip to Le Pub, the Parisian bistro slash pub. We’d been meaning to go for the longest time – he was swayed by the cider pork knuckle for two, so off we went. I loved the interiors and the cutlery. Love love love art deco. I think we’ll be returning as I discovered a voucher for it in the Entertainment Book. Plus the food wasn’t bad at all!

pretty place setting

THREE. I love it when food trucks come as there aren’t that many good food selections down my end of town. This week I was lucky enough to catch EatArtTruck with their amazing kingfish ceviche with corn chips. I heart that mayo. Seriously.

lunch today

FOUR. I really adore Sydney harbour. I love sitting by the foreshore and just people watch. Or this week’s case, birdwatch. This ibis was scrounging around for scraps of food. Although I dislike these birds, I quite like the gradient of the sky in the shot.


FIVE. I just had to add this in. I frequent Hole in the Wall coffee whenever I’m nearby. They happened to have this adorable chalkboard up outside the little store on King Street. I definitely recommend coffee here if you’re in the area! Made with love. Just how I like it.


How has your week been?


4 thoughts on “Five things

    1. :O

      Wow, even mayo! I had heard about soft serve ice creams but wow. Gosh, I’m sure you’ll have a coffee/wine/soft cheese/sashimi party at the end of it all! Haha Xx

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