Five things

Five things

Sydney weather is a bit unpredictable at the moment I never know what to wear so I’ve been wearing a lot of layers and peeling/putting them on as required. I put together my latest five obsessions of the moment, and seemingly they are very cool-weather focused!

ONE. Glasshouse candles are becoming an obsession. Well obsession is probably an understatement. I have about three different variations open around the house. I love them. The mimosa and wild apple scent is my current favourite. I love them so much I decided to make an animated gif out of it.


TWO. My birthday vanilla lamington from My Little Cupcake was TDF. A perfect light cake encased in vanilla frosting and smothered in coconut flakes. Now to try the ones from Flour and Stone to compare. I really should lay off the sugar.

Vanilla lamington

THREE. But wait! More sugar. Banoffee torte from Cafe Sopra. My weakness. I can never say no to a good banoffee torte. Just thinking about it makes me salivate. I love the caramel and biscuit base, and the banana is just a little something extra. Adore the textures.


FOUR. I’m loving the free art exhibitions that run across Sydney. H and I ventured over to 13 rooms down at Walsh Bay. It was my first exposure to performance art. I have to say that it did make me feel a bit uneasy at first, but overall I found it very interesting!

Art exhibitions

FIVE. There isn’t anything better than a lazy Sunday lunch with a glass of wine (or two). Any excuse will do really. It was a cold autumn day and we had pasta and osso bucco. Love.

Lazy Sunday wine lunches

What are you doing to keep warm this season?


4 thoughts on “Five things

  1. TDF? And yay, banoffee!! Love banoffee :9 Nigella has a good recipe for banoffee cheesecake that I should attempt one day…as well as Jamie’s 30min cheat’s banoffee pie but that recipe gets mixed reviews…

    1. Aw haha, it’ll be worth that glass of wine at the end of it all ;)

      I’m a soy latte kinda gal. I don’t know what it is about the foam that keeps me coming back for more!

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