I’m guilty.

I’m guilty.

I risk being disowned, but I’m guilty of indulging in chick flicks.

I watched A Walk to Remember for the very first time over the weekend. It came after a discussion with the boy after an episode of Nikita – which involved Shane West. I made the comment about him being in that movie with Mandy Moore (that I never watched as a tween).

Anyway, fast forward to Sunday night. I watched A Walk to Remember. I *bawled* my eyes out. It really was the most syrupy, sugary sweet tweenage movie, but I couldn’t help but wish for my own love story conveniently set by a spectacular lakeside view, with a boy who will make me a telescope. And then live happily ever after.


That’s all I’ll say about that. Do you have any cheesy romantic movies that you like to indulge in?

(And let’s maybe forget this post ever existed.)


2 thoughts on “I’m guilty.

  1. I actually don’t usually let myself watch movies like that anymore, just because of the amount that I actually bawl. It’s actually something I’m trying to work on – I shouldn’t be afraid to cry. I should probably shouldn’t do it with a group of people though… actually, fun story about A Walk to Remember. We (being a group of 10 of us co-ed) were watching it in high school (no idea how we talked the boys into that) – and we were all squished into one corner of the roof – some on the bed, some on the couch, some on the floor. During the scene in the hospital where she’s reading the bible verses I switched positions – and I actually managed to hit the television remote and the television changed to a tampon commercial. That part of the movie was never the same again.

    1. Ahaha I find it so sad. I’m not sure anymore – for me, I can’t really predict whether I’d find it sappy and cry, or just think it’s all lame and brush it off.

      Haha! That’s hilarious! I wish I had memories about this movie. I’m sure I would have found it so tacky back then. Or would I…?

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