My birthday night at the museum

My birthday night at the museum

I’m the epitome of low key, so my birthday last week was no exception. The celebrations were extended throughout the entire week, but it was a relatively tame one. It started on Tuesday where a few friends and I had coincidentally decided to pop over to the Australian Museum for Jurassic Lounge. I expected that they’d open up one room of the museum with a bar in the corner. Needless to say that the event far exceeded my expectations. I pre-ordered my tickets (despite the booking fee) and I was glad I did! The queue snaked around all over the place and I was in no mood for standing in a line. There were a couple more queues inside for food and alcohol, but it was still much better than the one outside. Jurassic Lounge The large t-rex skeleton that greeted us in the foyer. I quite like the shadows that they made on the walls. It was very night at the museum. Jurassic Lounge Different animal eggs lined up by size. It was like they were from another world. A little alien-esque time line. Jurassic LoungeOh hello there Mr Dinosaur. I think you’re missing a little something there. Jurassic Lounge We lined up for drinks and realised it was the quesadillas queue. So naturally, we quesadilla-ed. With a side of champagne of course. Jurassic LoungeThe spread. We ate standing because that’s what us classy girls (and boy) do. Jurassic Lounge Being artsy with the bubbles. They had heaps of these polycarbonate flutes at the start of the night. But as you’ll see as you go further into this post, they ran out… IMG_8683Hello creepy fish. There were a few creepy preserved animals in the museum. Jurassic Lounge I found Skippy along the way. Funnily enough I don’t ever remember coming to the Australian Museum before this visit. IMG_8689 Playing with the skull plaster casts. They were all interactive and free to touch. Jurassic Lounge Pretty butterflies and moths. I absolutely love order. This was just amazing to me. Jurassic Lounge The amazing artwork they had in the basement of the museum. Jurassic Lounge We ended the night with more champagne. Of course they ran out of flutes, so we were drinking out of classy disposable coffee cups.Jurassic LoungeOverall an awesome night. There was also a silent disco in the animals section. Would definitely return if they hold it again next year!


12 thoughts on “My birthday night at the museum

  1. I love those butterflies! Sounds like a great time!

    You so didn’t say it was your birthday!? I must reread your last email and send you happiness in the form of 1000 word essay emails xxx

    1. I want to hang those butterflies on my wall at home!

      Haha yeah, I didn’t mention it :p I’m not into celebrating these days. Must be because I’m getting O-L-D. Le sigh.

  2. Talk about low-key. You didn’t mention it at all! (Then again, I guess it’s not exactly something you mention on Twitter?) Anyway, happy birthday, and that Jurassic Lounge thing looks great! I’m glad you got to celebrate there. And oh, right after I read your blog entry last night, I flipped to Cinemax, and a B/C/D/F movie called Jurassic Attack was on. Haha! (…Never watch it.)

    1. Haha, some people would, but yeah. I’m over birthdays. Just like any other day! But thank you for your wishes <3

      What a coincidence! I've never heard of Jurassic Attack…. Ah well, will get reacquainted with Filo channels later this year…

  3. Happy Birthday!

    I can’t believe there was such a queue – I went to Jurassic Lounge a month or so ago and it was busy but no queues at all! I enjoyed it too, and like you couldn’t remember the last time I went to the Aus museum!

  4. Wow, this looks like a great way to have spent your birthday! (Happy belated birthday btw).

    It looks fun – to be honest, I’m not even sure I’ve heard of the Australian museum before this…

    1. Thank you! It wasn’t an intentional birthday outing, but yes it was quite nice!

      Haha yeah, I’m not super huge into museums either – the AM is the one across the road from St Mary’s cathedral in the city.

  5. Wow that sounds fantastic! I’ve been hearing how good it is this season, just seems like everyone has started to get into it. I have wanted to go ever since I first heard about it back at the beginning of last year (? I think) but just never gotten around to it. I will next season!

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