I’m trying hard been catching up on emails and blog reading where I can this past week. I have a long list of topics to blog about with eye candy to match. I suppose it is a case of sitting down and writing it all up and editing photos. Oh to have more hours in the day!

Anyway. Being a girl I love anything cute. The designer in me loves typography, so when I came across Helveticat (buy it here), I knew I had to share it. If I were more of a cat person, this would be perfect on my future office wall. But, turns out I don’t like cats as much (read: I’m seemingly allergic to them).


Random fact: I discovered I was allergic last year when I babysat my friend’s cat, and started getting red eyes, sneezing, and really itchy. Boo.


4 thoughts on “Helveticat

    1. You know it’s weird, I used to have a cat live in the apartment stairs for years when I was a kid, and nothing. And all of a sudden last year. They both looked like they had the same amount of fur. Hahaha

      And that’s crazy! Genetically modified kitties. Yikes

  1. My hubby is allergic to cats and dogs, so we can’t have any!

    I so agree with you on having more hours , as so much to share on the blog but never enough time!

    Hope you enjoy the cute little typography :)

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