Five things

Five things

ONE. Did some random errands today. It was a miserable and wet day, so I brought the red camellia out for some cheering up. I kept the outfit simple today: black ace jeans [bettina liano]; long sleeve chambray shirt [forever 21] and of course my red camellia woc [chanel]. I am extremely late to the chambray party.

Chanel camellia

TWO. H and I went out for an obligatory iced coffee from Don Campos. You know. The famed ones that contain three jillion shots of espresso. Go figure it is now one am and I’m wide awake blogging about nothing in particular at all.
Campos iced coffee

THREE. Oh there was the most random pillow fight outside the MCA forecourt today. It consisted of a large cordoned off area and a whole lot of feathers. By the time I had gotten there, people were picking feathers out of their hair and clothes. Some unfortunate souls made the mistake of wearing knits, and seemingly had a much more difficult time removing the fluff.

Pillow fight

FOUR. Easter chocolates. Namely Godiva chocolates marked down to half price. Yes, yes and yes. I bought a box. Not yet opened. To be saved for that special occasion I think!

Godiva chocolate

FIVE. An assortment of Lebanese pastries from Abla’s in Granville. Crisp, sticky, sweet goodness. A welcome break whilst working on the last of my streamers. On the home stretch!



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