Berry adventures continued

Berry adventures continued

After stopping by the Berry Sourdough Cafe, we wandered around the town centre browsing through the different little stores. H was targeting one of the quaint little homewares stores we found last time we were in the area. He still has a list of must-have’s for the apartment. It was such a leafy neighbourhood and so calming to wander around randomly exploring.

berry tree

store intallation

Some of the other ladies wanted to stop by the Berry candle shop. It was really popular with a serious range of candles. From my group, the most popular ones by far were the Woodwick brand, which as the name suggests has a wooden wick that has a little cracking sound as it burns. It makes you feel like you’re sitting in front of a roaring fire! Well. Maybe a little baby fire.

berry woodwick candles

I’ve stocked up on Glasshouse candles for a good couple of months, so I skipped browsing candles (goodness knows I don’t need any more!) and popped over to the Berry bead shop. So much eye candy. But I knew I had a huge box of beads and findings at home. So I only looked. It looked like candy!


The Berry donut van was a definite-stop for us. We bought a dozen to eat + take home. Gotta love them fresh and hot! I personally don’t see much of a difference between fresh donuts here and at Donut King (some may disagree). Maybe it is slightly crispier here? Anyway. You must try it yourself if you haven’t already!

berry donut van

Everyone was wearing pretty long skirts with gorgeous patterns and hues. I just had to take a photo whilst we were waiting to get into the Berry Sourdough Cafe.


pom pomsOverall another great trip to Berry. Can’t wait until next time!

road trip


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