Berry Sourdough Cafe

Berry Sourdough Cafe

I’ve been itching to go to the Berry Sourdough Cafe for the longest possible time. The last time I was in Berry, it was a public holiday and so it was closed, and there was a very disappointed me. Fast forward to last weekend, I made the effort to call ahead to make sure it was open. We came as a group of 9, and they don’t take bookings – so we had a short wait of about 10-15 minutes. They had local art hung up around the place. I loved the interiors! Everything was so kitsch.

Berry Sourdough Cafe

It was a hive of activity inside. We were given two tables pushed together, so it was a bit of a squeeze, but we made do. I was determined to try the food! There was a good range of local cider and beers available.

Berry Sourdough Cafe

I was preparing for the Berry Donut Van afterwards, so I opted for the potato, leek and smoked garlic soup with olive tapenade ($15.50). It was creamy and rich, and was accompanied with a slice of toast slathered with salty butter. Love.

Berry Sourdough Cafe

The majority of the table ordered the crisp pork belly, hazelnut puree, green pair and radicchio ($25) which most certainly didn’t disappoint. It was beautifully crunchy and pull-apart-moist at the same time.

Berry Sourdough Cafe

I have a thing for foodie aerial shots these days. Sure I look like a complete psycho doing them, but I really don’t care. Anything for the money shot! Three plates of the pork? Yes.

Berry Sourdough Cafe

This was the quinoa and chevre salad with spiced beetroot and walnuts ($19). I didn’t taste this but I was assured it was delicious, and the quinoa and other random seeds left you with a pleasant popping sensation.

Berry Sourdough Cafe

A couple of others in my party ordered the linguine with clams, green olives and verjus ($22). I’ll be honest, I didn’t try this either, but I can say about this is that it looked mighty tasty. The clams looked fresh, and smelled amazing.

Berry Sourdough Cafe

I have no regrets in making the Berry Sourdough Cafe the sole purpose of my visit!

23 Prince Alfred Street
Berry NSW 2535
(02) 4464 1617


5 thoughts on “Berry Sourdough Cafe

    1. Definitely agree. I’m not sure if I’d ever make it to Berry in time for breakfast. Maybe if I stayed at one of the adorable B&B places nearby.

      And it def looks interesting. Thanks for the tag :) Will do it for sure!

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