Accidental shoe shopping

Accidental shoe shopping

I’ll confess. The other morning when I was on the train to work, three Vietnamese ladies came on board, chattering about something (I’m not Vietnamese, so I wouldn’t know). One of them took out a David Jones bag, and pulled out a shiny gold Oroton box. I had to take a covert shot to remember the pretty booties.


Another inspected its contents – a pair of pretty tan boots. A little online sleuthing later that day discovered they were the Supreme boots. I noted the price on the box, $445. Then I spotted the mark down sticker on the shoe. $99.

Yes. Just $99.

So I quickly made a mental note to visit David Jones later that day. Probably a bad thing. As I ended up with two pairs of shoes. Granted they both had a leather sole, lining and upper.

Later that evening I went up to the shoe level of DJ’s and it was shoe-heaven. Tables filled with all sorts of shoes. Flats, heels, boots, sandals. I suppose it is mid-season and the transition period is beginning.



Unfortunately I didn’t find any Oroton boots in my size. I did walk away with two pairs of heels though. One set of Milana booties ($89 down from $300), leather upper, sole and lining, and the second a pair of Robert Robert heels ($49 down from $200). Orchid purple suede heels with patent black cap toes, also leather upper, sole and lining.  I think they will be good work staples. I really couldn’t believe how much they were marked down!

Please excuse the iPhone photo quality. I still need to waterproof these… But maybe they will come out a little closer to winter.


Have you found any great bargains in the mid season sales? Would love to hear about them!


6 thoughts on “Accidental shoe shopping

  1. Wow. Wow wow wow!! That’s amazing discounts!! And I wouldn’t know if the sales were good, I’m on my shopping ban. :( Great year to choose to enforce one, eh..!?

    1. Hahah probably for the better that you are on the shopping ban! I’ve tried to limit the random shopping expeditions I have to limit my spending. Especially with an overseas trip coming up at the end of the year!

  2. Great buys!! I am always amazed at the sort of bargains you can find at Myer and David Jones on shoes. Myer constantly has “take a further 75% off the discounted price” sort of shoe racks up and sometimes you can find amazing-quality shoes for under $50–I feel like I’m practically stealing!

    Sadly, a lot of the time, they don’t have my perfectly average foot size, they usually stock either very large sizes or very small sizes mostly :(

    1. I definitely agree! It is always a case of sifting through the racks and having the dilligence to visit when the time is right! Same with Target too ;)

      Oh that’s interesting! I have a small shoe size (5-5.5) and have troubles finding shoes most of the time.

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