Ms G’s: A diner no finer

Ms G’s: A diner no finer

As part of the March into Merivale period, Ms G’s offered a lunch with a diner themed menu. I always try to make an effort to visit one event during March. The interiors were decorated with pastel honeycomb soda shakes and the waiters and waitresses wore those adorable little hats that diner folk used to wear. With our meals we got the choice of a chocolate or strawberry shake or just a soft drink.

A diner no finer

Upon learning the shakes were all premade with regular milk, I opted for a coke (damn you lactose intolerance). It arrived at the table in a frosty glass bottle, so retro!

Ms G's Diner no Finer

All four courses had two options. For the first it was clam chowder or poutine. Naturally we got both. The poutine was definitely the highlight of this course, slathered in a slightly salty gravy balanced by goats curd. The chips kept their lovely crunch despite being drenched in the salt. My first time eating poutine was definitely not a disappointment.

Ms G's Diner no Finer

Ms G's Diner no Finer

The second round was a choice between buffalo wings with ranch and celery sticks or southern buttermilk fried chicken. The buffalo wings smelled quite potent with its basting, but upon tasting it was turned into a pleasant chilli tang. I’ve loved the fried  chicken chops at Ms G’s before, so knew the crunchy-on-the-outside and juicy-on-the-inside nature of the fried chicken. I do wish it came with a dipping sauce though.

Ms G's Diner no Finer

The two choices for mains were either a cheeseburger or lobster roll. Both choices came with fries, a pickle and a coleslaw. The cheeseburger came in a soft bun, a little reminiscent of those used at McDonald’s, but a little more sweeter like a brioche roll. The meat patty was a lovely bite with the pickle and onion relish adding some added crunch.

Ms G's Diner no Finer

The lobster roll was another first for me. I think I’ve only ever had crab rolls in the past. It was a sweet and salty roll with creamy chunks of lobster dispersed throughout. I can’t get enough of brioche rolls. There was a celery crunch that mixed up the textures in the roll. The blurred out section of the photo were the un-photogenic remnants of the previous courses chicken dish :p


Finally, last course was a choice of a banana split or apple and rhubarb pie. It was no question at all when all of us at the table decided to get banana splits. I’m not a fan of banana and ice cream, but the vanilla bean ice cream mixed with the chopped nuts complimented the sweetness of the banana, and I was hooked until the end.

Overall I did love the experience, the ambiance and the food were quite unique. At $50 per person, I’m not sure if I’d make it an annual occurrence  as I do really like the normal menu at Ms G’s a little better. I do think this is one of those things you have to experience at least once!

55 Victoria St
Potts Point NSW 2011

(02) 8313 1000


6 thoughts on “Ms G’s: A diner no finer

  1. Poutine is just ridiculously good. I’m glad your first experience was nothing short of amazing :) I do like the sound of these festive menus but I quite like the normal as well. You’re right though, it’s an experience!

    1. I was always sceptical because of the goats curd business. But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with it. Def adding ‘try poutine in Canada’ to my to do list!

  2. I haven’t heard of poutine outside of Quebec! My Canadian friends would love it! I’m wondering where they source their cheese from? I love the diner retro food. It all looks like comfort feel good food!

    1. Me neither actually! I was pleasantly surprised – I expected a stronger flavour from the cheese, so was a bit wary at first. But yes, it was so addictive. So so god but so so bad!

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