Patterned paint rollers

Patterned paint rollers

I adore patterns. I wallpaper is complete eye candy to me. There is nothing more I’d love than to plaster one wall of my house with a lovely feature wall of flocked wallpaper. I’m a bit wary of what will happen when it ages. I’ve seen wallpaper at auntie’s places that are peeling at the corners. Not a good look.

I came across Clare Bosanquet of The Painted House on Etsy which stocks paint rollers that have seamless patterns and designs that are dainty and pretty.

Patterned paint roller

Patterned paint roller

Patterned paint roller

They can be used straight onto walls, on fabric, or my personal favourite, to make your own wrapping paper. As a personal owner of innumerable rubber stamps, this idea appeals to me immensely.

Check out her store + full range here.

6 thoughts on “Patterned paint rollers

  1. i saw these while browsing etsy for some wall decoration inspiration a while ago! i love the idea of them…so easy to create a wallpaper look! but you’d have to have great patience! haha

  2. Crap!

    This is a great idea!!!! I am going to invest in one of these for my room – lazy and easy “wallpaper”
    Thanks for sharing xx

  3. Oh my gosh wow, that’s cute!! I didn’t even know you could get rollers like that…if I was ever bothered enough to revamp my room, I’d definitely consider doing that!

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