DIY: Terrariums

DIY: Terrariums

I love indoor plants but can’t keep them alive 90% of the time. I attended a terrarium class at the Object Gallery in Sydney the other week. It was lead by Stef Ingram, styler extraordinaire. There was a small group of us in the workshop above the gallery. I loved learning about the different tips and tricks – the different layers, the plant choices and after care.

We were required to bring our own bowl – with specifications of 30cm deep and an opening of at least 20cm. I found one that was *just* under the recommended size. Little did I know everyone else brought in smaller, much cuter bowls. I was initially lusting over this really adorable one that had a lid, but said no because of its small size.

The initial layers consisted of carbon and dried sphagnum moss, to aid with aeration and to prevent root rot in the plants you will be placing into your terrarium.


The plants I chose included a mint ground covering (photo on the left) which smelled amazing. I made a little rainforest with a purply/pink sort of plant and one with small white leaves. Forgive me I don’t know my plant names! :p


Here are the end products. There were a few little trinkets to choose from -dinosaurs, army men and farm animals. I placed a little green dinoaur amongst the foilage. It sort of looks like he’s prowling around looking for food all camouflaged and hidden.

TerrariumIt was definitely a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The Object Gallery are running a few Make.Play workshops this month. I’ve got my eye on a couple! Be quick, they’re selling out quickly.



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