Gnocchi obsession

Gnocchi obsession

I’ve had a bit of a crazy week filled with lots of food and coffee (no surprises there). I never understood gnocchi. From a young age, my first and only experience had been the Latina Fresh version which was nothing compared to how it was supposed to taste. So I went through most of my life not knowing what it was supposed to taste like – until I tried some from H’s plate when he ordered it.

I fell in love with its pillowy goodness. Light and fluffy. I couldn’t believe I had been depriving myself of such an awesome pasta for so long. Anyway. Long story short I became obsessed. I was determined to make it myself. H was skeptical. But I usually have my way. Anyway. I made it in bulk over the weekend. For freezing. To eat. For the next few months.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be hiding under a giant pile of gnocchi.



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