Random ramblings – Girls, heels and nail swatches

Random ramblings – Girls, heels and nail swatches

Here’s another attempt to get back on the regular blogging bandwagon.

I’ve been struck down with a nasty cold. I got a sore throat on Thursday, and stayed home from work on Friday. I was pretty much in bed all weekend. On the plus side, I’m now caught up on Girls, both season 1 and 2. Not that I love the show or anything. it was just something that I could easily watch in bed without much thinking. It really is the anti-SATC.


I also got around to listing some brand new shoes that I’ve never worn. Ever. Both nude coloured peep toes, one is silk and leather lined, and the other is leather. I’ve started them both at AU$20 on eBay, with free postage. They both have an RRP of AU$149.95 so whoever wins them will surely get a bargain.

Tony Bianco shoes

Anyway, despite been hopped up on a pseudoephedrine and Vicks vapour rub induced haze, I got a few things on my to-do list checked off. I’d been meaning to sort through my nail polishes as evidently I’ve lost count of how many I possess. They’re stored in one giant shoe box that used to house my gumboots. In any case, I got 50 blank nail swatches on eBay for the low price of $3.00, and made a little reference guide for my 50-odd polishes. I need to buy more sticks.

Nail swatches


5 thoughts on “Random ramblings – Girls, heels and nail swatches

  1. i’ve got one of those nail swatchy things too, but i find it hard to wait for one to completely dry before moving onto the next one… otherwise the one on top will smudge the one underneath, if that makes sense? or maybe i should have disconnected the whole thing first before swatching … lol

    i’ve wanted to watch ‘girls’ but ive never really been one to get obsessed with tv shows… i just dont have time to sit down and watch.. hmm maybe one day i’ll finally get round to watching it!

    1. Ooh yeah, they came disassembled from the fan-type thing so I had no choice but to do them separately. I did batches, first coat, cycled through about 10 colours, so by the time I finished the batch the first was ready for its second coat. If that makes sense?

      Anyway. Let’s see how often I use this reference swatch thing. I didn’t realise I had so many colours already. A bit embarrassing!

      Girls is somewhat interesting. It definitely isn’t a background show. Just put it on while you’re making dinner or cleaning – no need for any deep thinking. Enjoy! :)

  2. Love the nail swatch :) I recently finished mine, started months ago but the cd pen faded and died. Re-did it with a Sharpie laundry maker and it’s all good. :) How’d you do your sparkles? I did them on their own and then again on black so you could see them better.

    1. Thanks lovely! I debated what to do with the glitter polishes. I don’t have that many, but I ended up going over a swatch with multiple layers to make it a little more opaque.

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