Late lunch at the Norfolk Hotel

Late lunch at the Norfolk Hotel

After seeing amazing food shots from Tina @ Bite Me Show Me at the Norfolk, I knew I had to go. The photos of the pork belly sliders were just too hard to resist. H and I went on a late Sunday afternoon. It was still very much a hive of activity at 3:00pm on a Sunday, which I found surprising. But then again I suppose it is a pub. With awesome food.

We started off with some cider while we perused the menu. There were so many items to choose from that it took us a while to decide. I consulted the Foursquare tips, which recommended everything from the lamb sandwich to the tacos.

Norfolk menu

We ended up with some cheesy chilli fries, which did not disappoint. They had just the right amount of spice, and a little bit of a kick. I love anything with nacho cheese. Mind you, right after taking this photo I meticulously picked off the jalapeno peppers before eating.

Cheesy chilli fries

The pork slider was a definite must. It was the perfect size for one. The slaw was nice and zesty, and the chunk of meat in the middle was cooked to perfection. Tender, yet crisp on the outside. I could have done another if it didn’t come with so many fries.

Pork slider burger

We also took advantage of the Sunday special, four tacos for $20. We got an assortment of chicken, pork and beef. They were all delicious as expected – with a smattering of fresh herbs to complement each.

Tacos at the Norfolk

There were a tonne more other items I’m keen to try at the Norfolk, so I’ll definitely be returning in the very near future.

305 Cleveland St
Redfern NSW 2016


4 thoughts on “Late lunch at the Norfolk Hotel

  1. This place is just too amazing. I need to go back to try a whole heap of things too. Apparently the deep fried pickles are not to be missed!!

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