The week in recap.

The week in recap.

I’ve been extremely bad at regular blogging. I live mostly on Instagram, where I’ve been trying to tackle the photo a day challenge, but I’m usually a day or so behind. I guess it is better than missing a day completely.

I’ve received some Modcloth purchases in the mail. The remnants of sales gone by. One of them got mistakenly sent to the other side of the city (same office, different branch) and I had to go on a bit of an adventure to retrieve it. Most of the stuff fits barring one item, which will need some slight DIY modifications on the sleeves. I’m into stripes and patterns and things at the moment.

Modcloth purchases


Oh H and I tried Palings the other day. They seem to have renovated the Ivy Kitchen and turned it into something closely resembling El Loco. Gone are the yellow and white umbrellas. They still serve the usual bar fare with an extra added splash of Thai. The price points are definitely much better. We had some arancini and a pork schnitzel sandwich. Both of which were super tasty.


Lorraine’s Patisserie has featured on a couple of IG’s that I follow. So naturally it piqued my interest. We stopped by after lunch and couldn’t resist the look of the flourless chocolate cake in the window. It was just begging to be bought. Begging. In summary, it is up there with one of the best flourless cakes I have consumed. And I recommend you all go out and buy a slice. Now.

Lorraine's flourless chocolate cake

Anyway, from a Hallmark holiday scrooge, I hope everyone had a love-filled Valentine’s day. I saw a number of ladies with pretty bouquets. Big or small, I hope you got a little bit of love on Thursday! Here is my DIY card – inspired by others I found online.

Valentine's day card



2 thoughts on “The week in recap.

  1. Palings was nice. I’d definitely return to try the Thai dishes. Let me know what you think of it!

    The cake was absolutely amazing. I’m a complete sucker for anything flourless as it generally means it is rich and dense. LOL

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