Marathon weekend of rain, macarons, coffee and pigs.

Marathon weekend of rain, macarons, coffee and pigs.

Another weekend over. I had a pretty full on weekend. Lots of happenings which is just how I like them. Friday was St George OpenAir cinema. Sydney-siders would know that a scary storm rolled in just before 5pm, and we doubted whether we’d actually make it to the screening. I monitored the announcements on Facebook during dinner, which was spent at the always-amazing Cafe Sopra. H and I split the lamb ragu, lemon + chilli linguine and rosemary + garlic focaccia. Finished off with a lovely pink dessert wine matched with the chocolate fondant. Perfection. Please excuse the grainy mobile phone photos.


We wandered over after 8pm, and the storms had passed. We watched Broken City with Mark Wahlberg Marky Mark, Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta-Jones and a whole bunch of other people. The premise was captivating, albeit a little predictable. I did enjoy it, but probably not as much as the boy. It’s classified as a thriller, but I thought it was a bit “dumbed down” and there were a lot of points where it was quite predictable. Maybe I’m being overly critical. I wore my HK gumboots.

open air cinema

Open Air cinema

We walked back to Pyrmont afterwards, but not before stopping by Adriano Zumbo, where we caught a glimpse of previous Masterchef Australia contestant, Julia Taylor.

Julia Taylor

Anyway. Saturday was spent picking up a pig. Yep. A pig for a family gathering I had later that night. Whole pigs are particularly horrifying for me, despite being delicious. It is known as lechon for the Filipinos playing at home.

Piggy aka lechon

After picking up the pig, we decided to have a quick brunch at Bread and Circus complete with iced coffee + espresso ice cream that I spoke about in a previous post. I figured we needed a bit of a pick-me-up before the family dinner.
bread and circus + campos
I had the egg salad sandwich (a-m-a-z-i-n-g). It came deconstructed. I love their bread too. H got some toast with haloumi and some chocolate coconut spread. It sorta tasted like Nutella, but with more of a virgin coconut taste. So tasty.

Bread and Circus

H’s spread looks a bit icky here, but trust me, it was good. Bread and Circus can never disappoint! Haloumi is always a winner too. A perfect tasty and salty flavour.Toast

Hopefully you had a good weekend too!


4 thoughts on “Marathon weekend of rain, macarons, coffee and pigs.

    1. Yeah it definitely is an experience. I have to say though, I’m a little put off at the fact that the organisers will go ahead despite heavy rain. Only crazy winds and lightning will make them cancel. So you’re out of pocket unless you sit out in the pouring rain.

      I’ll probably give it a miss personally next year.

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