Confetti System garlands

Confetti System garlands

I’m in love with the garlands from The Confetti System, but I can’t say that I’m in love with the price tag (read: a couple of hundred dollars). These colourful tissue paper and mylar streamers don’t come cheap, but they look so good. They would make any bare room instantly come together. They’ve been used in a number of shop fronts and installations.


I have my eye on a neutral set of streamers. Lots of beige, grey and silver. So I’ve resolved to make my own until I can bring myself to splurging on one. I’m using plastic sheeting instead of tissue paper for a little durability. I found some plastic table cloths for $2.50 each at a party store. Now I’m waiting on my shipment of gold and silver mylar before I get started. I’ve found a few tutorials online too. I don’t expect mine to be as good, but it will do for now.


If you have a spare $350, you can buy one from here.

What are your craft projects at the moment?

[all photos taken from The Confetti System]


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