Just like a heatwave

Just like a heatwave

I’ve been going through a Japanese food sorta phase. I guess the warmer weather lends itself to light and fresh food. I’m lucky enough to work in the city where it is abundant. I went to Takeru the other day and got a sake bento box filled with grilled salmon, potato croquette, tempura prawn, steamed veg, salad, pickles, miso soup, rice AND agadashi tofu. So much food for the low, low price of $12.90. All washed down with the green tea latte of course.

Takeru sake bento

I hope everyone stayed cool on this crazy 43ºC day in Sydney (and across Australia). Or so they predicted. There are reports that it is pushing a little higher as the day goes on. There are apparently 140 bushfires that happened statewide. Scary thought. I’m glad I don’t live near bushland to worry about pets, or the house or even the thought of having to evacuate. I went a bit nuts with the sweet, cold drinks today.

Cold drinks, iced coffee and green tea latte

I’m getting a handle on the loose ends left behind by the festive season. I’ve jumped on the Snapfish end of year deals for 50% off photobooks and photo prints. I think the discounts are down to 40% last I checked. I can’t wait to get them and go on the hunt for some adorable photo frames. I bought a pewter seashell frame months ago and have been dying to put a lovely beach photo in. I printed off this photo from last years Sculpture by the Sea.

Bondi Beach


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