Post Christmas Modcloth shopping

Post Christmas Modcloth shopping

I’ve done quite a bit of online shopping the past few days. I’ve found that most of the savings are to be found overseas. Modcloth recently had an extra 30% off their sale stock, so I took advantage of it and bought a few items.

I didn’t know that they stocked Jessica Simpson’s clothing line. I was a little surprised to find out. Generally they don’t advertise the brands on their website, but you can usually compare with other websites if you know what to look for.

Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 10.47.02 PMI nabbed a few summer pieces for my wardrobe. Goodness knows I have enough, but that didn’t stop me. I picked up the Locker Buddy Top for $14.70 (left), a nice loose fitting shirt that is simple enough to pair with a bold statement necklace. I also bought the Tendril-Hearted Dress marked down to $20.80 (right). I’m an absolute sucker for peter pan collars and I couldn’t go past the adorable berry hues.

Modcloth buys


In conclusion. I love Modcloth. Postage to Australia costs a little extra – about  $5 to $8 per item, but if you factor it into the price and quality, I think it is definitely worth it.


6 thoughts on “Post Christmas Modcloth shopping

  1. Oh you bought that dress! It is so adorable, isn’t it? I absolutely LOVE peter-pan collars! And I adore Modcloth but even with the shipping cost changes they introduced last year, I can’t justify paying for the price of their dresses and shipping on top. :(

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