Calendars calendars calendars.

Calendars calendars calendars.

There are so many beautiful calendars on the market right now. I’ve really only used mine for decorative purposes, and now that a new year is upon us, I need to make the decision whether to purchase a new one for this year. I’m rarely home these days between work and having a social life. Gasp. So I’m really on the fence about spending around 30 dollars for a decent one.

I’ve religiously purchased the Frankie calendar ($29.95) these past couple of years. I love the full page artwork and the grid was easy enough to scan at a glance. This year I noticed they changed the format to more of a list of dates which doesn’t really suit me, so I had a look around.

Frankie Calendar

I’m a sucker for gorgeous floral prints. I’m in love with this botanical calendar from Kate’s Paperie (on sale $41.97). It makes me feel all wintery-warm and fuzzy inside. However I’m not sure if I’d buy a desk calendar as I have limited real estate on my desk with all my clutter!

Kate's Paperie

Another cute and whimsical design, this 2013 zoo calendar ($26.95) is made of thick card that you assemble yourself into little animal silhouettes. Such a clever idea and would make a lovely new year gift for all ages.

animal zoo

With so many to choose from I’m not sure how I’ll be able to pick just one! What’s your calendar for 2013?


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