A sparkly new year

A sparkly new year

Things are slowly coming together at the apartment. There is still a severe lack of anything resembling a couch, but most of the other essentials are there. One good bad thing about it is being so close to Adriano Zumbo. I can’t help but walk past to see if there are any new V8 cake variations. Usually I stop by to ogle at the pretty coloured macarons.

Blue zumbo Choc mint zumbarons

I can’t believe that Christmas and NY are all but over. Whilst the shopping centre decorations remain, my mother has since removed all vestiges of Christmas cheer from her home. I guess she likes to get a head start on things. My desk is still looking a little festive from the paper kirigami trees I made last month.


Oh H and I ventured over to The Grounds (late bloomers, I know). Let me just say, you can’t go past their bacon and egg sandwiches. Everything was perfect, the bread, bacon, egg. The whole lot. Best of all there is not much of a wait at all for them if you get it take away. We popped by before doing the Big Move for a quick coffee slash breakfast, and it was just the thing we needed.

grounds coffee

Not a bad start to the new year. I’m embarking once again on the photo a day project on Instagram. I stuck through it in November, but failed dismally in December. But here’s to the new year and new beginnings!


2 thoughts on “A sparkly new year

  1. I haven’t been to The Grounds yet so don’t worry, I’m even later to the party! Alexandria is just a bit of a pain to get to from my place. Hope you’ve been having a lovely break!

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