Happy new year eve!

Happy new year eve!

I hope everybody had a great Christmas! I know a lot of people are still on their holidays until next year. Which is incidentally tomorrow :S I can’t believe it! I’m back at work myself, but that’s by choice. It is a nice quiet time to be at work. Not to mention the late starts to the half days that we get to work.

The crowds are starting to arrive at Circular Quay. They were coming in on the train with their foldable chairs, tents and large eskies. I did that one year. And never again. I can’t seem to stand large crowds these days. They just irk me a little too much. The Rocks was looking a little more peaceful and serene. Not for long I think.

The Rocks NYEI made a pavlova at 12am last night. I’m not really sure what possesses me to bake at such odd hours, but hey. That’s how I like it. I enjoyed peeling, cutting and arranging the fruit onto the pav. I encountered this crazy giant blueberry. Crazy. I got over a kilo of peaches, kiwis and blueberries for under $10 at Aldi. Not bad at all.

giant blueberry

Anyway. I better keep this short and sweet as I need to battle the crowds through the city. Not sure how bad it is out there. Wishing everyone a safe and happy new year!


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