The peak of the hectic season

The peak of the hectic season

How is everyone’s Christmas shopping going?

I think I’ve *finally* finished my shopping for this year. All that is left is to wrap it all up. I’m not a believer in wrapping paper, so the most you’ll see me do is brown paper parcels finished off nicely with ribbons or pom poms. It’s just kids tear into them like there is no tomorrow. Plus it just gets chucked out right after, so I can’t be bothered wasting time and money into making it an elaborate thing. I do strive to make things a little more fancy when it comes to birthdays.


I like my coffee. I love eclectic little cafes even more. One of my favourites has got to be Marlowe’s Way which is just a five minute walk from work They continuously have new art murals painted on their walls in a similar concept to EatArtTruck. One time we went there was a live jazz band playing on the sidewalk. I can’t resist the cute orange saucers and teaspoons that come when you order a coffee.


I’m extremely fortunate* to be working over the Christmas holidays. *Cynicism free. The past couple of years I’ve been forced to take leave over the break, and no one in their right mind plans trips over Christmas. Everything is just plain and simple too expensive. I’ve been limited to the eastern seaboard of Australia for my holidays. I’ll take any chance to save up and splurge.

Ippudo Ramen just opened up in Westfield Sydney. I’ve found myself going for up to three days in a row to get my ramen fix. Not cheap by any means, but when I gotta have it, I gotta have it. I can’t be bothered waiting in line for the eat in area, so I tend to stick to my take away and eat in the food court with H. One day I’ll get sick of ramen. One day. Maybe. Not.



2 thoughts on “The peak of the hectic season

  1. Where is Marlow’s Way? Sounds like my cup of coffee! (Haha, geddit?) As to Xmas presents, I feel like I’m Santa and my “Nice” list is never-ending! I think I’m done, and then there’s another person to buy for/another bday! >.<

    1. Marlowe’s way is in a little laneway behind Mr Wong’s near George Street. They use beans from the Little Marionette and I love their coffee! The address is cnr. Tank Stream Way & Bridge Lane. It literally is a little hole in the wall.

      I hear you on the never ending nice list. My rellies have implemented the kris kringle thing, so at least we only have to buy one present rather than twenty. :S

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