Christmas trees and chilli fries

Christmas trees and chilli fries

I’m enjoying the weather in Sydney on and off the past few days. I abhor the stinking hot nights that make it impossible to sleep without a fan or air conditioning, but I absolutely love those bright sunshine-filled days that make everything seem all the more pleasant. Sydney seemed to glow this morning when I went for a mini stroll to get a coffee.

There is a mini version of the Martin Place tree in Customs House. I haven’t had a Christmas tree for a few years now. I’ve mostly stuck to the random decorations and tinsel around the house, so I find myself stopping to admire the public Christmas trees.

Christmas tree

Last night H and I were too lazy to cook dinner so went searching for a food truck instead. We saw that Agape Organic was in Sydney Park, so stopped by there on our way home. H initially associated organic with vegetables (which he is seemingly “allergic” to, so was a bit hesitant.

After a little searching on food blogs, I convinced him that they weren’t vegetarian, but served a range of meats on pizzas, chilli fries and tacos. It was a little on the quiet side when we arrived, and they had a limited menu – but we didn’t mind. H and I ordered a pulled pork taco on spelt bread and wagyu beef chilli fries. Both of which were amazing and bursting with flavour.

Chilli fries

My one comment was that the taco let out quite a bit of moisture in the plastic containers, making the bread a bit soggy. But I was willing to overlook that. The potatoes were crisp and crunchy, and didn’t get too soft despite being drenched in chilli, so that was a major plus.

In other news, I did a little shopping this past weekend. It has been a welcome distraction what with the different colour, material and size choices. But I made my decision and I’m loving it.

Chanel bag


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