Crazy for El Loco + other weekend happenings

Crazy for El Loco + other weekend happenings

Yet another working week is here once again. As much as I am thankful I have something to keep me busy during the day, I can’t help but lust over a little extra weekend to catch up on life. Thankfully this past weekend was quite relaxing and laid back. I don’t anticipate it will remain that way for long.

Corona at El Loco

Saturday was spent doing random errands, as well as test driving a car. Boring really. Sunday was a little bit more fun, and was filled with some lovely discoveries. I meandered around Birkenhead Point in the hopes of picking up some Christmas present ideas. I scored a pretty little statement necklace for $6.00, as well as a couple of cotton and lycra singlets for work. That all pales in comparison to the $300 Hugo Boss suit that the boy managed to find. Lucky boy.

Otherwise it was filled with a whole lot of food. I’m sure you’ve gathered by now that my life revolves around food. As ashamed as I am to admit, my eyes are usually bigger than my stomach. Luckily the tacos are reasonably sized and H and I munched our way through our large order.

El Loco food

The fish tempura taco was a special that day. If you go to El Loco, I highly recommend it! We even had room for dessert in the form of churros with the most amazing orange honey dulce de leche. I’ve since discovered that I can never say no to churros.


After a scorcher on Saturday, milder (yet still sunny) conditions on Sunday made it the perfect day out. We drove over Anzac Bridge which I love to marvel at. I’m an inner engineering nerd.

ANZAC Bridge

I’m loving all the Christmas decor popping up everywhere. My parents place has started to look a little more festive with each week. My mum has gradually been taking the decorations out of storage.

Christmas Tree

Oh and a nail post is coming soon. Here’s a preview.

Manicure colours


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