Another day, another sparkly manicure

Another day, another sparkly manicure

I can’t believe how fast time has flown. It feels like it was only January, when I had just returned from Queensland to ring in the new year. And now, I can’t even bear to look at my calendar, it’s the tail end of November. I have to get cracking on the festive duties, i.e. Christmas cards, decor and presents.

To help put me in that festive mood, I’ve brought out the sparkly glitter polishes. Along with the cheery brights. I started with OPI’s Chopsticking to my Story, with a Missha Orange Stone feature nail. I love the giant glitter chunks that catch the light so well.

Orange sparkly Missha nails

I booked myself in for a craft workshop next weekend, making green ornaments and garlands from fabric scraps. I’m super excited. There is nothing I enjoy more than making cute little knick knacks that look pretty. I have my fabric remnants all lined up already.

Orange sparkly manicure

What do you do to get into the festive spirit?


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