The best steak pomme frites

The best steak pomme frites

Last week was some crazy Sydney weather. On Thursday it started off cloudy and horrible, so I wore my Melissa flats just in case of a torrential downpour. Let me tell you, it didn’t happen. Instead it turned out sunny and humid. I even enjoyed the stroll down to my usual lunch time haunt. Just glorious.

Sydney laneway

Did a bit of late night shopping although I didn’t really buy anything. I suppose I should get cracking on the Christmas shopping, but I think I’ll be doing most of it online anyway. Leaving the stores empty handed, we decided to go have dinner in the Westfield Sydney food court. Reuben and Moore was the obvious choice to satisfy H’s steak craving.

Steak pomme frites from Reuben and Moore

Now I know they are best known for their Reuben sandwiches, but their Steak pomme frites is TDF. Seriously. The gravy is the best ever. Of course nothing caps the day like a nice glass of red wine to go with dinner.

Wine o'clock

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I went to the Coldplay concert on Saturday, which was also amazing. To be continued…


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