Fairy bread and coffee

Fairy bread and coffee

It is the hump day of yet another working week, and I’m still struggling to get into serious crack down mode. I am really craving more weekend. Luckily it is almost here. It seems everyone I know is either going on leave, going overseas, coming back overseas, or doing something that is generally so much more fun than my own life.

At least I have my nail polish. I toyed with a pearly white Orly polish topped with Australis Fairy Bread. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not really a glitter kind of girl. I topped it with another layer of white, and made it into a jelly sandwich.

Australis fairy bread

I went to the International Airport the other day to pick up my dad. I was running to work so I had to catch a train. All I have to say is, I paid a whopping $16.20 for a single trip to the city, and all I got was a lousy pink train ticket (that I didn’t even get to keep). Haha.

City rail airport train ticket

H and I went over to Nespresso after I heard rumours that they were releasing a coconut flavoured pod. I was dreaming of bounty-like coffees. Turns out they’ve not released one, but three specialty flavours, including macadamia, hazelnut and coconut. They sell three sleeves for around the $25 mark.

Nespresso coconut, macadamia and hazelnut

H tried the coconut one. I had a sip as it had dreaded dairy (read: lactose) laced throughout. It had the most subtle hint of coconut. It was nice, however being the sugar fiend that I am, I think I’d prefer to just have the usual luongo pods flavoured with some good quality syrup.

Nespresso coconut


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