Manicure: Pink and silver stamp

Manicure: Pink and silver stamp

Happy Melbourne Cup day! The only day where it is socially acceptable for ladies to wear pieces of birds atop their heads without ridicule. As you can tell I’m not super into horse racing. I can’t say I’ve ever completely understood it. I guess you have to be a little into gambling to understand (I don’t even buy lottery tickets).

For this mani, I did a Nutrimetics girly rose pink base on my nails, and stamped with Konad Bronze. As I’ve discovered before, the bronze appears more cooler toned, and on the silver side rather than the warm gold tones. I’m still really obsessed with my Bundle Monster nail plates. I have so many untried patterns.

Pink and silver nail art stamp

This particular pattern had little tiny circles in a grid-like fashion. I think it looks very different up close, and a little further away. There is more order to the pattern when looking from afar.

Pink and silver nail art stamp

I like how the silver responds to different light. I needs to find more combinations to go with this Konad light bronze. Loving it!

Pink and silver nail art stamp

I hope everyone else had a lovely Melbourne Cup Day, and that if you placed any bets, you won up big!

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