Working beauty essentials

Working beauty essentials

I’ve never been really big into cosmetics, but since I started working I’ve come to learn what my ‘essentials’ are. There are the things I carry everywhere with me in my purse (to feature in another post), and there are things I leave at my work desk. Here are the three vital essentials that are always on hand in my workspace.

Workspace essentials

  1. L’Occitane Hand CreamThis was gifted to me, but the cherry blossom scent is so delicate and fragile, and it is hard NOT to use it. It is extremely moisturising and my cuticles love it.
  2. Vaseline Lip Therapy – A no brainer really. I did have a MAC SA tell me it was drying, but I can’t find anything else that soothes chapped lips (thanks central air conditioning) as well as Vaseline.
  3. Lucas’ Papaw Ointment – Something that e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y raves about. I use this personally on my dry skin. I have sensitive, eczema-prone skin and this works a treat. It’s really soothing.

What are the essential, must-haves on your work desk?


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