Dinner at Steel Bar and Grill

Dinner at Steel Bar and Grill

The boy and I absolutely love Steel (and its sister restaurant, Pony), so when an amazing Spreets deal came along (read $59 for two main meals and a bottle of wine) we jumped on it. We booked it for a quiet(er) Thursday evening in the hopes of avoiding the throngs out for a Friday night drink. We started off with a glass of Pinot Gris – or rather a bottle…

Wine at Steel Bar and Grill

Obligatory WIWT shot. Kindly excuse the graininess. I love the Risky Business-esque eggs underneath the bathroom sinks. Not to mention the screens in front of each sink that continuously plays a random chick flick. Anyway. I wore a Cue spring print dress with Bloch hot pink patent flats.

We started off with four zucchini flowers stuffed with provolone and random cheeses. It tasted a bit like tuna as well. I’ve been going through a bit of a zucchini flower phase, so it seems. I can’t get enough of them now that they’re in season.

Zucchini flowers at Steel Bar and Grill

We chose the beef eye fillet and thirlmere chicken breast for mains. Both were delectable, tender and juicy and did not disappoint whatsoever. I loved the slivered almonds in the eye fillet combined with the feta. It definitely is a combination I would never have thought of in a million years.

Eye fillet at Steel Bar and Grill

I loved the prosciutto wrapped enoki mushrooms. They reminded me of little octopus (octupii?) with a few extra legs. Besides which they tasted amazing and had a unique texture to match the chicken breast.

Chicken at Steel Bar and Grill

Dessert was ordered, however they had dimmed the lighting by the time it came around, so I wasn’t able to take a decent photo. I dislike using the flash on my phone as it seemingly attracts attention. Haha – and normal photo taking of each meal before it comes does not :p


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