Snack time – I won’t lie. I like my snacks.

Snack time – I won’t lie. I like my snacks.

It was supposedly a whopping 34 degrees in Sydney the other day. It was also extremely gloomy which made it seem like the temperatures were around the high 20’s. That is fine with me. It felt a bit muggy which as odd as it sounds, felt quite comforting.

We had lollies prepped and ready to go in a pumpkin shaped bowl. Funnily enough there were no kiddies knocking at our door. In fact, the only trick or treaters I saw (in person) was a little girl in a witches outfit complete with broom, and a set of boys who were walking around in their soccer uniform. Really. So much effort went into that costume.

I went to look for my daily lactose free yoghurt, but unfortunately it was sold out. They had a tonne of Chobani however – low fat Greek yoghurt for those playing at home. It was thick and rich with flavour. I chose the mango variety, which had a mango syrup swirl and actual real fruit pieces. Mango Chobani

I tried to be healthy in the morning. Then I had lunch at Central Baking Depot. I had the most delicious beef brisket pie.

Pie from CBD

Then I grabbed an afternoon coffee. And was faced with more temptation. I ended up splitting a brownie with the boy. Best. Brownie. Ever. From York Lane. A little hidden cafe. I highly recommend their brownies.


What do you like to snack on between meals?


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