SIFF Sugar Hit 2012: The Bar, Lounge & Room at The Westin

SIFF Sugar Hit 2012: The Bar, Lounge & Room at The Westin

The Westin was the last on my list of Sugar Hits for 2012. I’ve been to previous hits at the Westin on previous years, and I admit I was disappointed. But after reading the description for this year, I was all too intrigued. Kindly excuse the quality of the images, I was armed only with my iPhone in dim light. ;)


H and I went on a quiet Saturday night. Believe it or not we took a trip to the fish markets and had a late lunch, so were in no mood for dinner. We wouldn’t be skipping out on dessert too. I called ahead to make a booking, as when I tried to the previous week, they were completely booked out. Anyway. We got there and it was quiet. There were a few tables scattered around the place, but it was not bustling.

We were seated quickly, and our wines were served soon after.

Westin Sugar Hit 2012

Dessert came out after a few minutes, two plates, neatly arranged, complete with dry ice fanfare. Our waiter informed us that it is decorative only and that we shouldn’t eat and/or touch it. Which was fine by me. There were so many elements on the plate!

Westin Sugar Hit 2012

Dessert was created by Mark Tok, a decadent chocolate gateaux infused with an exploding sensation (read popping candy), sweet raspberry coulis, rich vanilla bean ice cream atop a shortbread cookie.

Westin Sugar Hit 2012

I have to say everything was presented impeccably. The chocolate and raspberry gateaux was more like a light mousse. The isomalt design is unique and quirky, but doesn’t add much to the taste for me (as does the dry ice). The vanilla bean was definitely another stand out, with a rich vanilla taste bursting out of every mouthful. My only criticism is that the individual elements didn’t work together as well as I’d like. They were each definitely something to be enjoyed on their lonesome.

Overall though I’d say that this is the best Sugar Hit by far of 2012. I think that’s a wrap!


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