Random life happenings

Random life happenings

I will admit that I am suffering from an extreme case of Monday-itus. The weekend seemed so jam packed with things that all I wanted to do this morning was sleep in. I can’t even remember what I did over the weekend. All I remember is the visit to Sculpture by the Sea, where we walked a fair distance from Bondi back to Coogee. There were some pretty interesting photos that I’ll save for a separate post.

The boy is in the process of furnishing his soon-to-be apartment so Saturday was spent at King Furniture umming and aahing over their large range of couches. Who knew there were so many decisions – size, shape, colour, fabric, fabric protection, brackets to convert it into a bed. The list goes on. Anyway. We decided on one. It looks pretty.

We bought a cheesecake the other weekend from Pasticceria Papa in Haberfield. Let me just say that they have the best cheesecake in Sydney. No question. They do amazing cannoli’s too. I love the traditional ricotta ones. They are best eaten fresh when the pastry is crunchy.

Pasticceria Papa cheesecake

They have a huge array of cookies and cakes. If this isn’t heaven, it is something pretty close. Although I spied these little puppy(?) meringues and I wasn’t quite sure about them.

Pasticceria Papa

I couldn’t decide which shade of purple to paint my nails, so I went a bit nuts and did them all different hues. It is a sad, sad day when you can’t decide which of your purple polishes to exclude from your crazy purple mani.

Crazy purple mani

I hope everyone else had a relaxing weekend!


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