Manicure: Konad Light Bronze review

Manicure: Konad Light Bronze review

I bought a few Konad polishes – not a necessity for nail stamping, but something that I find easier when I do my nails in a rush. Plus there are so many lovely pearlescent and metallic ones that are too hard to resist. I used Konad Light Bronze in this instance, which looks more like a gun-metal grey.

Light bronze konad nail stamp

I love this effect overall. I’m not sure if nude was the best choice for the base as in some light, it made my nails look a bit dirty. The polish itself picked up every little detail from the design. I found that the little sparkly particles would get stuck in my nail plates – requiring a good scouring with a cotton pad and a decent amount of nail polish remover.

Light bronze konad nail stamp

It was a bit of an issue getting the silver bits off of my fingertips, but they came off over time. I’ll definitely be using this polish more often, perhaps on a darker base.


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