The Sony warehouse sale + other adventures

The Sony warehouse sale + other adventures

The Sydney weather to kick off the work week pales in comparison to the temperatures that we were getting over the weekend. I’m not sure which I prefer really! I suppose the lower temperatures at least provide a little respite from the scalding heat.

Last Saturday the boy was on the hunt for a TV. I received an email from the Sony club saying they were having some crazy warehouse sale, and prices would be marked down to up to 80%. Sounds like an Oxymoron. In any case, it was an early start to trek out to Ryde to be there for the 9am open time. I didn’t anticipate much of a crowd, but its good we got there early. We ended up waiting a good 2 hours in line just to get in! It didn’t help that it was a 30 degree day. I noticed a number of pregnant ladies in line, along with a couple of young babies.

By the time we got in, they had sold out of a number of cameras, mobile phones and tablets. They were also halfway through their VAIO laptop stock. I felt the urge to buy something – mainly because of the fact that I had been waiting in queue for 2 hours. I took a quick look at the cameras, and I had my eye on the TX-20 (a waterproof compact camera) that I thought would be perfect for those summer holiday trips.

Sony warehouse sale

It was pretty chaotic inside. I guess it was a good thing I didn’t buy anything at the sales on a whim.

China and homewares

The rest of the day was spent perusing through homeware and furniture stores. I love the blue willow china-esque porcelain. Gorgeous patterns. We ended up going to the supermarket at the end of the day to buy ingredients for dinner, where I found this interesting little section tucked away in the corner.

Adult desserts

So very odd.


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