SIFF Sugar Hit 2012: Macquarie Lounge at the Marriott

SIFF Sugar Hit 2012: Macquarie Lounge at the Marriott

The second sugar hit of the month was discovered by chance. I was out to dinner with some friends, we decided to locate a hotel close to us that could accommodate us for some dessert. We started dinner at 9pm, so it was close to 10:30pm when we finished eating. We discovered most of the places stopped serving at 10pm.

We wandered over to the Macquarie Lounge at the Marriott thinking it would be a place open late, not really knowing what was on offer. Although we didn’t have a booking, the waiter was kind enough to find a table to accommodate all four of us.

Dessert came out as a surprise to all of us. It was a lemon and blueberry curd enrobed in white chocolate. It was an amazingly presented cylinder of white chocolate that was filled to the bring with layers of sponge, blueberry and tart lemon curd.

Sugar hit 2012 at the Macquarie Lounge, Marriott Hotel

I admit that I’m not really a lemon dessert type of girl, and that I found this quite tart and sour to begin with, but the balance of sweetness came from the blueberries, which seemed lightly stewed.

I’d definitely recommend it to those who are into tart desserts. Otherwise definitely take a look at the offering at the Intercontinental.


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