Manicure: Halloween pumpkins and spiders

Manicure: Halloween pumpkins and spiders

Now I’m not one to celebrate Halloween (especially since no one really does down under), but when I came to doing my manicure the other day, I decided to do try a few spiders and cob webs on for size. I didn’t really care for anything too exuberant, so I went for subtle colours (read: nude, black and white).

I just used three different designs and repeated them on my nude polished nails. I admit from afar the spider looks like I have a dark mark on my nails, but up close its really cute and detailed. I admit I did have a bit of issue using the series 1 plates (I don’t think they’re etched as deep as the latter BM series, but I made do.

A bit of layering and a few minutes later, I ended up with this.

Halloween stamped nails

What do you have on your nails this Halloween?


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