Manicure: Hologram tape art

Manicure: Hologram tape art

I rarely venture outside of my comfort zone of nail stamping, so on this one occasion, I decided to do a nail tape art thing. I’d spied the technique used mostly on Nailside, which has some pretty rocking manicures.

This one was basically doing a few layers with a triangle tape pattern repeated on the tip. I used China Glaze Spontaneous, Bys White and a Make Up Store holo on the top. It sort of reminded me of a peacock feather.

Tape nail manicure

You can see the stupid sock creature I made a few years ago in the background! I really should do more sewing these days. I was slightly uneasy about my nails, mostly because of the slight imperfections in the crispness of the line.

Nail tape manicure

I suppose practice makes perfect and I should try tape manicures more. One thing that discourages me from it is the amount of drying time you need. This needs a lot of patience! Patience which I’m not sure I have… But that’s a different story.


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