Crystal bulbs

Crystal bulbs

I’ve been lurking around interior design blogs lately. Not because I’m redecorating anything in particular, but perusing out of general interest. I find myself getting more and more excited about home wares (sounds a bit wrong), but I guess it is a sign of my age!

I’m beginning to easily spot things I do like out of things that I don’t like. Sounds simple enough, but if you know me, I umm and ahh over certain decisions in my life. I’m into grey rooms with a splash of a feature colour. At the moment anyway. I also and absolutely in love with feature lights. They can add so much to a room in my opinion.

I spied this crystal bulb the other day whilst browsing my feeds. I adore the simplicity of this design. It just makes it an extra bit fancy. Lee Broom is the designer behind this lead-cut crystal bulb. Each one is individually hand blown by Cumbria Crystal (which is the last producer of handmade English full lead crystal).

The bulbs fit any standard E27 fitting, and can be purchased on its own ($175) or with a brushed brass pendant ($275). Buy it here.
crystal bulbsDesigner: Lee Broom
Size: 3.5″ w x 5.5″ h
Details: Average life expectancy: 45,000 hours; Dimmable.
Material: Hand-cut lead crystal

crystal bulbs

crystal bulbs

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