Manicure: Purple houndstooth

Manicure: Purple houndstooth

I’ve toyed around with the houndstooth pattern from the Bundle Monster set on previous occasions and I’ve loved the clean, bold, crisp pattern it leaves on my nails. I decided to take it a step further and played around with the colour schemes. It isn’t a secret that I’m in love with purple. I chose two shades from China Glaze, and I’m pretty happy with the combination.

Lilac houndstooth nail stamping

I left my ring finger bare for a bit of contrast and starkness. I tend to wear lighter polishes for longer since the tip wear bothers me a lot less.

Lilac houndstooth nail stamping

The base lilac shade is CG’s Light as Air, and the stamp colour is CG’s Spontaneous.

Lilac houndstooth nail stamping

Needless to say I’ll probably be repeating this combination again in the future.


5 thoughts on “Manicure: Purple houndstooth

    1. Haha, provided you have the right tools, nail stamping is a cinch! :) It costs around the 20 dollar mark for the 25 piece set. It is such a distraction, I can’t stop doing my nails!

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