Workspaces, or lack thereof

Workspaces, or lack thereof

If you’re anything like me, you find that you accumulate more things than you care to manage. I like my possessions in some semblance of order, but it does take a bit of effort. I have a lot of jewellery that I cycle through my wardrobe, and in between wears I tend to dump it onto my dresser, or on the return shelf of my work desk.

I spied this cute little panda bowl from a stationery website, and thought it’d be perfect as a catch-all for my jewellery and other nick-knacks between wears. Plus it’s super adorable sitting on my return shelf.

My panda bowl

In other news, I bought more clothes from Modcloth lately. My desk is in a state of chaos at the moment whilst I sort through all of my purchases. I guess this spring weather should motivate me more to clean it. I covet a clean and tidy workspace, but don’t always get it!

Modcloth haul

How do you manage your workspace to keep it clean and tidy??


One thought on “Workspaces, or lack thereof

  1. How do I manage my workspace? Unfortunately, organization is not my strongest point. I’m like you – anything and everything goes on my desk, from pens to my iPod to clothing. I’m working on cleaning right now though…

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