The latest happenings

The latest happenings

I go through phases where I endeavour to post at least once a day. But unfortunately it seems I don’t always follow through. Life gets in the way and it just goes a little bit haywire from there. Anyway, this is me trying to make another serious attempt.

I’m wallowing in the aftermath of an amazing long weekend in Sydney (the weather was absolutely perfect). I have to say that despite it being over quicker than it began, I got a few things accomplished.

I went to Cirque du Soleil’s Ovo, which was hilariously enjoyable. It was the boy’s first time to Cirque. I’d seen Dralion once before so I knew what I was in for to some extent. I also got around to replacing my iPhone’s screen protector. A minor achievement, but an achievement nonetheless. I’ve recently switched to the iPhone 5 (and loving it).

I made some New York style bagels on Saturday with the hopes of having it for breakfast this week. That obviously wasn’t in the cards as all but one of the 14 I made made it to Tuesday. I guess it is just an excuse to make some more…

The boy and I originally were planning on going to Canberra to see the Floriade, but upon acknowledging there weren’t enough hours in the day to get there and back, we opted to go to Berry (a NSW country town). I find the smaller towns are just bursting with character and awesome photo opps.

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