Manicure: Nude Flowers

Manicure: Nude Flowers

Apologies I’ve gotten behind in my blog posts! I made a visit to the annual coffee festival the other day, so I have a bunch of photos from there! I got super wired, but how could you not with $2 cups of coffee. I’ll post them up soon hopefully! As per usual, life has had made a bit of a hectic turn, so I’ve either been working hard, or just relaxing, and nothing in between.

In other news, I can’t believe that it is August already. It just seems as though time has flown by so quickly. Before you know it it will be Christmas again. Sigh.

I’ve had to tone down my nails as of late. The corporate environment doesn’t look kindly upon brights or glitters. I stuck with my go-to nude, Tickle My France-y and stamped a floral design over the top in white Konad. That reminds me, I should really look into obtaining more Konad polishes. I’m quite impressed with how well they work.


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