Manicure: Sapphire Hearts

Manicure: Sapphire Hearts

A bout of insomnia finds me at 1:30am blogging about my latest manicure. Spotify has earned a mandatory presence on my desktop dock. I’m currently listening to a 90’s playlist and it is certainly bringing back some old memories. If you haven’t gotten Spotify yet, I highly recommend it!

But, onto my latest manicure. I opted for the dark hues this time, OPI’s Sapphire in the Snow for a base. I got this a couple of years ago during the Christmas seasons. I fell in love with the deep shade of purple. I’m obsessing over nail stamping at the moment and went with a cutesy heart pattern. I usually shy away from the overtly in your face designs, but I decided to give this one a shot. It was actually bearable for me.

OPI Sapphire in the Snow

I used BM-317. It had a few heart designs. I chose the one on the far right of the plate on the image below.

Bundle Monster S3

I left my ring finger blank. I seem to be going through a ‘feature nail’ sort of phase. I kind of like the irony of the one ‘individual’ nail.

OPI Sapphire in the Snow

I chose another heart design topped off with one of the random pearl hearts that came in a wheel I bought for 99 cents on eBay. Below is the finished design!

OPI Sapphire in the Snow


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