Lunching at The Fish Shop

Lunching at The Fish Shop

I had lunch at The Fish Shop yesterday. I’ve been here once before but never got the chance to do a proper food post. H was craving some fish, and I was more than happy to oblige. Being part of the Merivale empire, The Fish Shop doesn’t disappoint. We found that street parking was quite a-plenty on a Saturday afternoon – I admit I was a little surprised!

For entrees, we began with crispy school prawns with garlic mayo. H and I shared this dish, and although the prawns still come with shell and all, they are quite easy to munch down on and so easy to pop down like fries! The garlic mayo was slightly tangy and complemented the prawns well.

Crispy school prawns

We ordered two main dishes, the first being fish and chips. Golden fillets of fish battered and deep-fried on top of a bed of hand cut fries. It comes with a pot of chunky tartare sauce and obligatory wedge of lemon.

Fish and Chips

The other dish was Dan’s famous cheeseburger. With a name like that I couldn’t say no. It came loaded with bacon, melted cheese, pickles, a juicy beef patty, and what seemed like whole egg mayo. The bun was warm yet soft with a lovely bite. Definite favourite.


Being a fan of reuse and recycling, I loved how former tomato tins were transformed into cutlery holders. It’s the little touches make the experience all the more special!

Foodie at The Fish Shop

For dessert, we ended on an ice cream sandwich. Drizzled with salted caramel syrup, this sandwich is one that is hard to pass up.

Ice cream sandwich

I just have to say that I loved the interiors at The Fish Shop, from the funky notice boards to the bathrooms aptly labelled ‘Buoys’ and ‘Gulls’.

The Fish Shop

22 Challis Avenue
Potts Point, 2011


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